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AES Control Systems - Energy

Some of the many services provided by AES Energy
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Energy Saving Controls

AES Energy can provide many energy saving controls as part of our portfolio of energy solutions. One particularly effective solution is that of Inverter Drives for electric motors.

Having proved energy savings and payback periods for many clients, we have been able to provide intelligent, demand based control of plant and equipment to ensure occupational comfort while maintaining maximum energy savings.

Monetary savings aren’t just confined to the savings provided by the energy saving controls. Many of our solutions can attract government Enhanced Capital Allowances which enable a business to claim first-year capital allowances on their investment.

England based public sector bodies such as local authorities, schools, higher and further education institutions, NHS Foundation Trusts, central government departments and other public sector bodies meeting certain criteria may apply for a Salix Energy Efficiency Loan to pay for the installation of a wide range of energy efficiency measures - providing 100% support in making further progress towards reducing their energy bills and carbon emissions.

AES Energy can offer initial advice on these schemes to help maximise client’s returns on their investments.