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The AES Energy Audit

In order to ascertain what can be achieved in terms of energy saving it is important to understand the current situation within a building. This can be accomplished by undertaking an AES Energy Audit. An AES Energy Audit provides a review of the way the building is being used and to identify opportunities where energy savings can be made. This involves a thorough assessment of the facility by an AES Energy specialist. If the site has a remote access facility, prior to the visit, the AES Energy team will interrogate the Building Energy Management System (BEMS) and collate detailed information about the control and use of building services.

On the day of the visit, the AES Energy engineer will meet with the client’s site Facilities Manager and the client’s maintenance engineer who is familiar with the site to discover any local issues affecting the control of plant. This will establish an understanding of the site occupancy and what the user can change on the BEMS.

Wherever possible the engineer, with agreement from the Facility Manager, will make adjustments to the BEMS in order to provide immediate energy savings. Following the survey a report will be provided detailing any modifications made, issues on site, suggested investments and expected energy savings. Where a requirement for additional work to complete the optimisation is identified such as the installation of additional control, further energy saving devices or a modem, this will be included with the site report as a fully priced business case.

Areas covered by the Energy Audit include, but are not limited to:

The AES Energy audit is an ideal start to any serious energy and thus carbon reduction scheme. Using less energy obviously means reduced utilities expenditure but companies also realise their corporate responsibility to the environment and future generations.